RELEASE IS HERE : Sept 27 & 28

All – The CSA and Gannett Fleming have scheduled September 27 and 28 as the dates for the second and third test releases from the Quemahoning Reservoir Intake Tower.  The releases will commence at 8:00 AM on both days.  On the 27th we will be monitoring water quality (SCGA) and tower vibrations (Gannett Fleming).  On the 28th we will only be monitoring water quality (SCGA).
The BCC will once again be responsible for security measures associated with Quemahoning Creek and the Stonycreek River!  We will need confirmation from the BCC that they can accommodate these two dates.
Hopefully we will achieve the much sought after goal of a release of 500 CFS from the new whitewater release valve.  If we do achieve this goal we will subsequently be submitting to the PADEP the necessary documentation for the requested increase to our Allocation Permit (releases up to 500 CFS).
Laurel Management is scheduled to be completed with their repairs on Friday, September 2, 2011.
If the schedule changes I will notify everyone PROMPTLY!

Earl F. Waddell, P.E.
Operations Manager
Cambria Somerset Authority

What this means to YOU : Water should be at the put-in at Hollsopple around 11:00 am and run through 2:00 – 3:00 pm. Note: water will NOT reach Foustwell Bridge till 11 or so.  AND-  this a just a TEST.  not a scheduled release.  The goal is 500 cfs to complete the test, but that is NOT to say 500 cfs will be released for 4 hours.  so please understand this.  river levels will be variable.

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