Rodger Hager

Rodger Hager, one of the great outdoorsmen in our area passed away on Tuesday, August 30.  Rodger was one of the founders of the Benscreek Canoe Club.  He ran whitewater in aluminum and fiberglass boats long before many of us were born.  He was kind, generous and great fun to be around.  He helped introduce many of us to boating and talked me down some of my first runs down the Stony.  And I know that despite health problems; Rodger kept boating as long as he physically could; he was running the Lower Yough long after many of us thought he would be done with boating.
As said by his friend, Gary Johnson “Roger was a great canoer, kayaker, activist, outdoors-man, and friend.”
Our area is poorer for his absence and much richer for his legacy.

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