TRPC Race Series – Stoneycreek Sprint

TRPC’s weekend race on Saturday (January 21) will be the Stoneycreek Sprint.  Starting line will be at the pool above Showers rapid upstream of the Rt. 601 bridge put in at Foustwell.  The race will be about 1 mile long and end at the beach on river left before the railroad bridge.  We will do mass start for this race, unless the number of participants in a race would be unsafe due to the stream width at Showers rapid, in which case we would do a couple of heats.
The races will start at noon, order of the events will be decided upon after the number of participants is known.  If you plan to race please show up at 11 to register.  We’ll have as many different events as we have participants assuming everyone can handle the cold temperatures.  Bring your warm gear and drysuits, high’s are only supposed to be in the 30’s.
Turn out to help a neighboring paddling club with their event; either as a participant or spectator.

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