April Meeting and Stonycreek Cleanup

The BCC is meeting (Wed), April 17th at the Crow’s Nest at 7 PM.   Please attend this important finalization of plans for the Spring schedule and the Rendezvous May 17-19.

This weekend, April 20 & 21, will mark the 2nd release from the Que this season.   As usual, water will reach Foustwell at 10 am.   Additional flow will continue at Foustwell til 2 pm.   This is also “CLEANUP” weekend on the Stony.   We meet at Greenhouse Park at 9 AM, Carpenter’s Park at 10 AM then Foustwell at 11 AM.   We have additional 1 mile cleanup along the Que road approximately ½ mile from the breast to the fishing area at the 90 degree bend.    Bring gloves.    As usual, the more people involved, the quicker it gets done.   Folks always paddle after the cleanup.   Usual time for the paddle is around 1 pm for the Canyon.

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