Rocky Mountain Kayak Roll Classes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all you good paddlers and swimmers!!! Would like to post winter roll classes at St Vincent University swimming pool starting Tuesday, Jan 7. doors open at 6:45 pm. class 7-9 pm and for the following 9 weeks same time and place. Cost: $60 pool use and for beginners $60 for class and $60 rental for boat and gear plus two days of beginners trips in March. (please spread the word) . Have to cover cost of pool. Most people learn to roll or get the basics. apologize for mike d, he has been good entertainment. I can try to teach canoe rolls, I can teach it, but finding a canoeist that can learn it is rare. specialize in finding lost kayak rolls.
We also stop for food and drink afterwards and tell stories and make light of other paddler’s prowess.
Thanks, Jeff Prycl, Rocky Mountain Kayak

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