Improving Greenhouse Park: Knotweed Control

My name is Kristina Strosnider and I am the Director of Natural Biodiversity, a program of Conemaugh Valley Conservancy. We are partnering with Conemaugh Township Supervisors on a two year Japanese knotweed invasive species control project at Greenhouse Park. The goal is to control knotweed at the park, particularly along the Stonycreek to improve accessibility, aesthetics and habitat along white water and Greenhouse parks. Our approach to control involves hand cutting knotweed once every three to four weeks from June until the first week of August and then subcontracting a certified applicator to apply herbicide approved for aquatic environments in the fall. This year we are hoping to engage white water and greenhouse park users in tackling this invasive species. Attached is a flyer promoting our three volunteer knotweed cutting days.



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