Ferndale Gauge

Saturday, July 11, Ferndale Gauge seems to be working.   Ferndale Gauge is 4.4 ft at 11:15 PM. This should put it around 3 ft at Foustwell. Hopefully still good on Sunday.

Sunday, June 28, 8 AM. Ferndale Gauge is still broken.
At 7 AM, Debby Heider reported that the Foustwell gauge on the Stony was at 6.5 ft.  Shade was around 2 ft and Paint was around -4 in.

Saturday, June 27, 4:15 PM. The area has received over 1 in. of rain but the Ferndale Gauge (USGS) is not showing a rise. Foustwell Gauge is around 5 ft. Assume the Ferndale Gauge is broken. If you are coming to boat in the Johnstown area, do not depend on this gauge for river levels. People are posting gauge readings on our Facebook Page. Note that the Stony is very pushy over 4 ft on the Foustwell gauge. Be aware of your own abilities and limits if you are considering boating tomorrow. Shade and Que creek are likely runnable.


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