Whitewater Release Valve

Folks.  To the best of my knowledge, the new internal transmitter board still hasn’t shipped from Rochester, NY.  It looks like the repair to the valve will exceed $2000.  Best guess from local electrical engineer is power surge from lightning.  This engineer has been modifying structures at the Que over the past 18 months.  Prior to this new, electronic valve, Bethlehem Steel and now the CSA had very little issues with lightning strikes based on technology from 1910.  But now we do.  And Non-Profit Benscreek Canoe Club signed on to install and maintain this new valve.  It’s nobody’s fault.  The valve is fine.  We just need to design protection from power surges.  These are Growing Pains.  Please be patient and don’t point blame.  And be generous (even $10) contribution to Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.  A fund for the Whitewater Release Valve was established there 6 years ago.   We hope to be able to offer a release in 2 weeks – July 16/17.  Thank you for your patience.
Steve Podratsky

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