Quemahoning Valve

Quemahoning Valve Issue:

Good news/ Bad news. Bad news: valve has issues. Torque limiter again. They have modified this torque limiter 2 and 3 years ago as per recommendations from the manufacturer. The manufacturer suggested that changing the torque limit while closing the valve is no big deal. true or not true. we don’t know. It did solve the immediate problem. until now. They assured us the Motor on the valve is fine. The recommendation was to install a new gear box with a different ratio. Opening has never been an issue. Closing has. and this is where the valve gets the majority of the torque. so. Instead of $10,000 new motor – we are on the hook for a $1,900 torque box and another $1,200 or so for installation. SHOULD take care of issues for the long term foreseeable future.

We are waiting on word from the manufacturer (Rototork) and how long for the new gear box to arrive and then set up date for installation. Hopefully much sooner than later. Will post as soon as we know the installation date. Obviously, we are hoping everything is done before the Rendezvous. And if so, please be generous and giving to the BCC to help cover expenses. and Thank you!

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