Freestyle Rodeo

Stonycreek Rendezvous Freestyle Rodeo Event

Date : Saturday May, 21

Location : Greenhouse Park / Competition will take place at the Stonycreek Whitewater Park

Registration & Check-in starts at 1:30 event starts at 2:15.

The infamous Stonycreek Rock Trophies are up for GRABS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a friendly competition for all skill levels. There will be classes for all registered participants and we will have separate classes for male/female as long as we have enough signed up. We are encouraging any boater that has ever taken a spin in a hole to try their hand at fame and fortune. Well at least fame amongst your friends.  We will have classes for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and pro ( if applicable ) . Judging is based on three main categories

Trick Difficulty : Basically the harder the trick the more points

Variety : Your point total will be multiplied by the number of different moves you attempt. Therefore doing 20 cartwheels each way may gain you some style points but wont help your point multiplier.

Style : This is a judgement based score based upon how smooth your ride is. The longer you stay in the hole and the better you connect your variety of moves the greater the score.

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