Johnstown Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade is Tuesday, October 24. This year’s club’s theme is “Cirque du Stoné”. The float will have a tent (camping/circus tent), a play boat or two & ????? The parade application says something like “The Benscreek Canoe Club presents the Cirque du Stoné.. . Step outside & experience the awe & exhilaration of the the best nature has to offer!”

Think avant-garde circus, like the real Cirque (clowns, acrobats, etc.- pretty crazy stuff) with a water/river context for costume ideas.

Details later for exact time & place.

If you’ve never participated before, this is the year to start. We’re also counting on the parade regulars to be there- you know who you are! Please contact Scott & Diane Rugh if you plan to be part of the fun. Let’s have a good showing – & a good time.

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Releases from Quemahoning Reservoir

Vibration problems with the intake structure at Quemahoning Reservoir continue to be unresolved. The reservoir’s operator, CSA, has cancelled all future releases until the Benscreek Canoe Club pays for all bills associated with investigating and repairing this problem. Our legal counsel is talking to their legal counsel but at the moment this situation is at a stalemate.

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No Release on September 9 or 10

No release on September 9 or 10. We will post any news regarding whitewater releases from Quemahoning Reservoir ASAP.

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