Allegheny Adventure X-Fest

On October 3-4-5, 2014 the BCC is proud to be a part of the Allegheny Adventure X•Fest.
Whether you like to race, run, ride or paddle, there will be an event for you to join throughout the three-day weekend.  For the first time, the Adventure Tribes of the Alleghenies are hosting scores of races, rides, floats, challenges and hikes for the outdoor adventure community.  There will be great music, food and fun as well as events for all levels of expertise.

We will have a special 3 hour release from Quemahoning Reservoir on Saturday, October 4, to support our on water activities. This release will be earlier than normal releases in order to support downstream activities at Greenhouse Park and in Johnstown.

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August 23 & 24 Release

Quemahoning Reservoir is more than a foot below the level needed for a release. There will not be a release this weekend (August 23 & 24).  It is also doubtful that the September 6 & 7 release will happen unless we have significant rain. Pray for rain.

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August Meeting

The Pa Fish and Boat Commission is having a “Learn to Paddle” event Wednesday evening (Aug 20th) at the Quemahoning Reservoir Family Recreation Area and the BCC has been listed as helping. So we are going to have our August meeting there at 7 PM. Those who are volunteering to help should show up by 5.  Volunteers should note: if you bring a boat, it must be registered or have a launch permit.
We will hold the meeting at one of the pavilions after the event. Snacks are appreciated. Watch the weather and Facebook, if the weather causes any changes, it will posted ASAP.

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