WW releases May 30 and 31 are canceled.

The  contractor working on the Haynes Street Bridge requested that the Whitewater releases the weekend of May 30 and 31 be cancelled.  They are working on a pier in the river and while they excavate existing pier and construct the new pier they need the water to be as low as possible.  They anticipate they will be done with this activity prior to the releases scheduled for June 13/14.  The CSA has agreed to this request.

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Stonycreek in Johnstown, Safety Warning.

5-10-15  CAUTION!!: Please keep in mind the Haynes St Bridge project in downtown Johnstown. This weekend there is a lot of debris in the safe passage route under the bridge. The fire dept has taped off the area full of concrete and rebar. The company will be informed Monday by the Fire Chief that the river is paddled, and safe passage is needed. Please use Caution!!

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Wanted: Solo Canoes

If anyone has any solo canoes they are looking to sell or get rid of please contact Mike Ringler at mdringler@atlanticbb.net!  Thanks in advance!

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